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127-Nov-2021Blood Biomarkers Variations across the Pre-Season and Interactions with Training Load: A Study in Professional Soccer PlayersClemente, Filipe Manuel ; González-Fernández, Francisco Tomás; Ceylan, Halil Ibrahim; Silva, Rui; Younesi, Saeid ; Chen, Yung-Sheng; Badicu, Georgian; Wolański, Paweł; Murawska-Ciałowicz, EugeniaarticleopenAccess
22020Energy-Based Acoustic Localization by Improved Elephant Herding OptimizationCorreia, Sergio D.; Beko, Marko ; Tomic, Slavisa; Cruz, Luís A. da Silva articleopenAccess
32021Fault Analysis and Non-Redundant Fault Tolerance in 3-Level Double Conversion UPS Systems Using Finite-Control-Set Model Predictive ControlCaseiro, Luís ; Mendes, André articleopenAccess
420-Aug-2021Methodological Characteristics, Physiological and Physical Effects, and Future Directions for Combined Training in Soccer: A Systematic ReviewRibeiro, Jorge ; Afonso, José; Camões, Miguel; Sarmento, Hugo ; Sá, Mário; Lima, Ricardo ; Oliveira, Rafael; Clemente, Filipe Manuel articleopenAccess
528-Jan-2021SDR Proof-of-Concept of Full-Duplex Jamming for Enhanced Physical Layer SecuritySilva, André ; Gomes, Marco ; Vilela, João P.; Harrison, Willie K.articleopenAccess
62-Mar-2022Skin Lesion Assessment based on Plenoptic Images for Melanoma ClassificationPereira, Pedro Miguel MarquesdoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
715-Jun-2023Subjective Quality Assessment of V-PCC-Compressed Dynamic Point Clouds Degraded by Packet LossesDumic, Emil; Cruz, Luís A. da Silva articleopenAccess