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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12023Assessing the societal impact of smart grids: Outcomes of a collaborative research projectFerreira, Paula; Rocha, Ana; Araujo, Madalena; Afonso, Joao L.; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Lopes, Marta A.R. ; Osório, Gerardo J.; Catalão, João P.S.; Lopes, João PeçasarticleopenAccess
22020Eco-efficiency assessment of the electricity sector: Evidence from 28 European Union countriesTenente, Marcos ; Henriques, Carla ; Pereira, Patrícia da Silva articleembargoedAccess
32022Electric bus coordinated charging strategy considering V2G and battery degradationManzolli, Jônatas Augusto; Trovão, João Pedro F.; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler articleembargoedAccess
4Jul-2020Electricity distribution incumbents' adaptation toward decarbonized and smarter grids: Evidence on the role market, regulatory, investment, and firm-level factorsPereira, Guillermo Ivan; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da ; Cerqueira, Pedro André articleembargoedAccess
5Apr-2023How organizational constraints undermine sustainability actions in a university's campuses: A case studyAmaral, Ana Rita ; Rodrigues, Eugénio ; Gaspar, Adélio Rodrigues ; Gomes, Álvaro articleopenAccess
62022Multispectral vineyard segmentation: A deep learning comparison studyBarros, T.; Conde, P.; Gonçalves, G.; Premebida, Cristiano ; Monteiro, M.; Ferreira, C. S. S.; Nunes, U. J.articleopenAccess
7Dec-2020Towards a renewables-based future for West African States: A review of power systems planning approachesBissiri, M.; Moura, P. ; Figueiredo, N. C.; Silva, P.P. articleembargoedAccess