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14-Mar-2020Liraglutide Protects Against Brain Amyloid-β1-42 Accumulation in Female Mice with Early Alzheimer's Disease-Like Pathology by Partially Rescuing Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress and InflammationDuarte, Ana I. ; Candeias, Emanuel ; Alves, Inês ; Mena, Débora ; Silva, Daniela F. ; Machado, Nuno J. ; Campos, Elisa J. ; Santos, Maria S. ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Moreira, Paula I. articleopenAccess
223-Nov-2021The amazing anti-type 2 diabetic drugs in neurodegeneration: the impact of exendin-4, liraglutide and linagliptin in type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer disease and Parkinson diseaseCandeias, Emanuel MonteirodoctoralThesisopenAccess