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UIDB/ 00308/2020


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12021Citizen Science for Marine Litter Detection and Classification on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ImagesMerlino, Silvia; Paterni, Marco; Locritani, Marina; Andriolo, Umberto ; Gonçalves, Gil ; Massetti, LucianoarticleopenAccess
219-Apr-2022Resilient SDN Intercontroller Network Design under Availability Requirements and Geodiversity ConstraintsSantos, Dorabella ; Gomes, Teresa Martinez dos Santos ; Martins, Lúcia Maria dos Reis Albuquerque ; Vidal, Joao P.articleembargoedAccess
32022Wave Impact Analysis on a Beach-Dune System to Support Coastal Management and Nourishment Works: The Showcase of Mira, PortugalFontán-Bouzas, Ángela; Andriolo, Umberto ; Silva, Paulo A.; Baptista, Paulo articleopenAccess