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123-Mar-2021Biodegradable film production from agroforestry and fishery residues with active compoundsGaspar, Marisa C. ; Leocádio, João ; Mendes, Cátia V. T. ; Cardeira, Martim; Fernández, Naiara; Matias, Ana; Carvalho, Maria G. V. S. ; Braga, Mara E. M. articleembargoedAccess
219-Dec-2021Extracellular Vesicle Proteome in Prostate Cancer: A Comparative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry StudiesBernardino, Rui Miguel Marques ; Leão, Ricardo ; Henriques, Rui T. ; Pinheiro, Luis Campos; Kumar, Prashant; Suravajhala, Prashanth; Beck, Hans Christian; Carvalho, Ana Sofia; Matthiesen, RunearticleopenAccess