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12019A Case Study Driven Integrated Methodology to Support Sustainable Urban Regeneration Planning and ManagementNatividade-Jesus, Eduardo ; Almeida, Arminda ; Sousa, Nuno ; Coutinho-Rodrigues, João articleopenAccess
22020A Hybrid End-to-End Approach Integrating Conditional Random Fields into CNNs for Prostate Cancer Detection on MRILapa, Paulo; Castelli, Mauro; Gonçalves, Ivo ; Sala, Evis; Rundo, LeonardoarticleopenAccess
32019Multiobjective Bilevel Programming: Concepts and Perspectives of DevelopmentAlves, Maria João ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Costa, João Paulo articleembargoedAccess
42019A preliminary quality analysis of the climate change initiative land cover products for continental PortugalFonte, C. C. ; See, L.; Lesiv, M.; Fritz, S.articleopenAccess