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2002Master integrals, superintegrability and quadratic algebrasCaseiro, R. preprintopenAccess
2008A mathematical model for a comprehensive approach to the dynamics of human colonic aberrant crypt fociFigueiredo, Isabel N. ; Figueiredo, Pedro N. ; Leal, Carlos ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2003Matrix inequalities in Statistical MechanicsBebiano, N. ; Providência Jr., J. da ; Lemos, R. preprintopenAccess
2008Matrix interpretation of multiple orthogonalityBranquinho, A. ; Cotrim, L. ; Moreno, A. Foulquié preprintopenAccess
2005Matrix realization of a pair of tableaux with key and shuffling conditionAzenhas, Olga ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
2004Matrix realizations of pairs of Young tableaux, keys and shufflesAzenhas, Olga ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
2008Matrix Sylvester equations in the theory of orthogonal polynomials on the unit circleBranquinho, A. ; Rebocho, M. N. preprintopenAccess
1998Mean square error for histograms when estimating Radon-Nikodym derivativesOliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
2008Memory in the Black-Scholes modelFerreira, J. A. ; Oliveira, P. de preprintopenAccess
2008Modelling nearby FGK Population I stars: A new form of estimating stellar parameters using an optimization approachFernandes, João Manuel ; Vaz, A. Ismael F. ; Vicente, Luís Nunes preprintopenAccess
2007Modular classes of Poisson-Nijenhuis Lie algebroidsCaseiro, Raquel preprintopenAccess
2006More on Q-modulesStubbe, Isar preprintopenAccess
2001The Moser-Veselov equationCardoso, J. R. ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
2002A multi-input/multi-output system representation of generalized splines in R^nRodrigues, Rui C. F. Silva ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
2004The N-membranes problem for quasilinear degenerate systemsAzevedo, Assis ; Rodrigues, José-Francisco ; Santos, Lisa preprintopenAccess
2003The negative relativistic Toda hierarchy and rational Poisson bracketsCosta, J. M. Nunes da ; Damianou, P. A. preprintopenAccess
2006A new algebraic invariant for weak equivalence of sofic subshiftsChaubard, Laura ; Costa, Alfredo preprintopenAccess
2010A new characterization of Goursat categoriesGran, Marino ; Rodelo, Diana preprintopenAccess
2004A new geometric algorithm to generate smooth interpolating curves on Riemannian manifoldsRodrigues, Rui C. ; Leite, Fátima Silva ; Jakubiak, Janusz preprintopenAccess
2005New global a priori estimates for the third-grade fluid equationsSteinhauer, Mark ; Urbano, José Miguel ; Videman, Juha preprintopenAccess