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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2008A Característica da Inércia dos Direitos Reais: Brevíssima Reflexão sobre o Princípio da PublicidadePereira, André Gonçalo Dias preprintopenAccess
2007The cardinality of endomorphisms of some oriented paths: an algorithmArworn, Sr. ; Fonseca, C. M. da ; Saenpholphat, V. preprintopenAccess
2006Categorical structures enriched in a quantaloid: tensored and cotensored categoriesStubbe, Isar preprintopenAccess
1998A central limit theorem for associated variablesOliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
2009The change in eigenvalue multiplicity associated with perturbation of a diagonal entry of the matrixJohnson, Charles R. ; Duarte, António Leal ; Saiago, Carlos M. preprintopenAccess
2007Characterizations of Laguerre-Hahn affine orthogonal polynomials on the unit circleBranquinho, A. ; Rebocho, M. N. preprintopenAccess
2009Classes of non-Hermitian operators with real eigenvaluesBebiano, Natália ; Providência, J. da ; Providência, João P. da preprintopenAccess
2004Classical solutions to parabolic systems with free boundary of Stefan typeBizhanova, G. I. ; Rodrigues, J. F. preprintopenAccess
2000Complementarity and genetic algorithms for an optimization shell problemFigueiredo, Isabel N. ; Júdice, Joaquim J. ; Oliveira, Pedro N. preprintopenAccess
2008Completely normal frames and real-valued functionsFerreira, Maria João ; Gutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
2004Completeness criteria for sequences of special functionsAbreu, L. D. preprintopenAccess
2008Complex high order Toda and Volterra latticesBarrios Rolanía, D. ; Branquinho, A. preprintopenAccess
2007Composite norms and perfect conditioningQueiró, João Filipe preprintopenAccess
2010Comprehensive factorization and universal I-central extensions in the Mal'cev contextBourn, Dominique ; Rodelo, Diana preprintopenAccess
2004Computing time dependent waiting time probabilities in nonstationary markovian queueing systemsGreen, Linda V. ; Soares, João L. C. preprintopenAccess
2010Congruences and ideals on Boolean modules: a heterogeneous point of viewPinto, Sandra Marques ; Oliveira-Martins, M. Teresa preprintopenAccess
2010Congruences and ideals on Peirce algebras: a heterogeneous/homogeneous point of viewPinto, Sandra Marques ; Oliveira-Martins, M. Teresa preprintopenAccess
2004Conical differentiability for bone remodeling contact rod modelsFigueiredo, Isabel N. ; Leal, Carlos F. ; Pinto, Cecília S. preprintopenAccess
2005Conjugacy invariants of subshifts: an approach from profinite semigroup theoryCosta, Alfredo Manuel Gouveia da preprintopenAccess
10-Nov-2010O consentimento informado na experiência europeiaPereira, André Gonçalo Dias preprintopenAccess