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22-Jul-2008Effect of Water Cationic Content on flocculation, flocs resistance and reflocculation capacity of PCC induced by polyelectrolytesAntunes, Elisabete ; Garcia, Fernando A. P. ; Ferreira, Paulo ; Blanco, Angeles ; Negro, Carlos ; Rasteiro, M. Graça preprintopenAccess
2003Electoral cells of largest remainders methodGouveia, João ; Sá, E. Marques de preprintopenAccess
2006Elliptic optimal control problems with L1-control cost and applications for the placement of control devicesStadler, Georg preprintopenAccess
2006Energy estimates for delay diffusion-reaction equationsFerreira, J. A. ; Silva, P. M. da preprintopenAccess
Apr-2012Energy Transfer from Fluorene Based Conjugated Polyelectrolytes to Onchain and Self-Assembled Porphyrin UnitsMarques, Ana T. ; Pinto, Sara M. A. ; Monteiro, Carlos J. P. ; Melo, J. Sérgio Seixas de ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Scherf, Ullrich ; Calvete, Mário J. F. ; Pereira, Mariette M. article; preprintopenAccess
2008Entropy bounds for hierarchical molecular networksDehmer, Matthias ; Borgert, Stephan ; Emmert-Streib, Frank preprintopenAccess
2006Entropy solutions for the p(x)-Laplace equationSanchón, Manel ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2003Error estimates and poisedness in multivariate polynomial interpolationConn, Andrew R. ; Scheinberg, Katya ; Vicente, Luís Nunes preprintopenAccess
2006Etingof-Kazhdan quantization of non-degenerate triangular Lie bialgebrasMoreno, Carlos ; Teles, Joana preprintopenAccess
2006Exponentiable functors between quantaloid-enriched categoriesClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Stubbe, Isar preprintopenAccess
2002Exponential rates for kernal density estimation under associationHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
2013Family businesses, corporate governance and the portuguese SPQMartins, Alexandre de Soveral preprintopenAccess
2004A Fiedler's type characterization of band matricesBento, Américo ; Duarte, António Leal preprintopenAccess
2008Finite difference approximations for a fractional advection diffusion problemSousa, Ercília preprintopenAccess
1999Finite preorders and topological descentJanelidze, George ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2000Finite preorders and topological descent II: étale descentJanelidze, George ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2000A first-order E-approximation algorithm for large linear programsSoares, João preprintopenAccess
2004Fitting smooth paths on riemannian manifoldsMachado, Luís Miguel ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
2010The flashing ratchet and unidirectional transport of matterVorotnikov, Dmitry preprintopenAccess
2010Flux Tracking in delivery polymeric systemsFerreira, J. A. ; Oliveira, P. de ; Silva, P. M. da ; Simon, L. preprintopenAccess