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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2006Sublocale sets and sublocale latticesPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš preprintopenAccess
2002Superconvergence of the gradient in a fully discrete FEM scheme: one-dimensional caseFerreira, J. A. ; Grigorieff, R. D. preprintopenAccess
2004Supraconvergence of elliptic finite difference schemes: general boundary conditions and low regularityFerreira, J. A. preprintopenAccess
2015Surviving the Crisis and Austerity: The Coping Strategies of Portuguese HouseholdsFrade, Catarina ; Coelho, Lina preprintopenAccess
2009Sustained drug released from contact lensFerreira, J. A. ; Oliveira, P. de ; Silva, P. M. da ; Carreira, A. ; Gil, H. ; Murta, J. N. preprintopenAccess
14-Feb-2011The meteorological observations in Coimbra and the portuguese participation in weather forecast in europeLeonardo, António José F. ; Martins, Décio ; Fiolhais, Carlos preprintembargoedAccess
Sep-2019The social life of forensic evidence and the epistemic sub-cultures in an inquisitorial justice system: Analysis of Saltão caseCosta, Susana ; Santos, Filipe preprintopenAccess
2003A theorem of Fr. Fabricius-Bjerre on helicesCarvalho, F. J. Craveiro de preprintopenAccess
2008The third cohomology group classifies double central extensionsRodelo, Diana ; Linden, Tim Van der preprintopenAccess
2008Towards dense linear algebra for hybrid GPU accelerated manycore systemsBaboulin, Marc ; Dongarra, Jack ; Tomov, Stanimire preprintopenAccess
Jun-2007Tra-la-lyrics: an approach to generate text based on rhythmOliveira, Hugo R. Gonçalo ; Cardoso, F. Amílcar ; Pereira, Francisco C. preprintopenAccess
2006Twisted Jacobi manifolds, twisted Dirac-Jacobi structures and quasi-Jacobi bialgebroidsCosta, J. M. Nunes da ; Petalidou, F. preprintopenAccess
2008The Ultrafilter Closure in ZFGutierres, Gonçalo preprintopenAccess
2005Uncertainty principles for the q-Hankel transformAbreu, Luís Daniel preprintopenAccess
2000Unidirectional steady flow of a viscoelastic fluid with a free surfaceUrbano, José Miguel ; Videman, Juha H. preprintopenAccess
2007A universal construction in Goursat categoriesGran, Marino ; Rodelo, Diana preprintopenAccess
2008Using dual techniques to derive componentwise and mixed condition numbers for a linear functional of a linear least squares solutionBaboulin, Marc ; Gratton, Serge preprintopenAccess
2004Using sampling and simplex derivatives in pattern search methodsCustódio, Ana Luísa ; Vicente, Luís Nunes preprintopenAccess
2006Using simplex gradients of nonsmooth functions in direct search methodsCustódio, A. L. ; Dennis Jr., John E. ; Vicente, Luís Nunes preprintopenAccess
2007A variation on the tableau switching and a Pak-Vallejo's conjectureAzenhas, Olga preprintopenAccess