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12-Sep-2019Website e conteúdos multimédia para plataforma de E-commerce Redesign e comunicação da plataforma digital: Advogados 24 horasTorres, Ângela Sofia FelgueirasmasterThesisopenAccess
9-Jul-2019WeDoCare - An IoT system to help vulnerable social groupsSaldanha, Ruben Filipe GonçalvesmasterThesisopenAccess
26-Jul-2018WeDoCare - |oT system to support vulnerable social groupsRocha, Marcia Filipa Mendes masterThesisopenAccess
23-Jul-2015Weight and body shape dissatisfaction and eating psychopathology: the buffering effect of self-compassion in women with secure and insecure attachment stylesLopes, Jessica Filipa Batista masterThesisopenAccess
Dec-2010Weimar : a cidade moderna e o cinemaSilva, Daniela Vitória da masterThesisopenAccess
6-Sep-2018“Wet strengthening of paper by application of photo reactive, functional polymers”Sharma, Mohit masterThesisopenAccess
23-Feb-2017What is the difference between business incubation and business acceleration programs?Santarino, Leonardo Barreira masterThesisopenAccess
2015What prones adolescents to act assertively:the social information processing in assertivenessMendes, Mariana Ribeiro de Matos masterThesisopenAccess
23-Jul-2014When body image negative interactions and safeness memories predict body image shame: the role of centrality of body shame experiencesPais, Rita Sofia Fernandes masterThesisopenAccess
23-Jul-2014When intuitive eating appears as a protective factor for disordered eating behaviours: study of the psychometric properties of the Intuitive Eating Scale - 2 and associated processesMendes, Ana Cláudia Laranjeira masterThesisopenAccess
17-Jul-2013When thoughts seem more than just thougths: body image-related cognitive fusion and its role in eating psychopathologyTrindade, Maria Inês Oliveira e Costa de Almeida masterThesisopenAccess
26-Sep-2017White Dwarf Pollution - a study of abundances in the circumstellar mediumCastro, Alice Isabel Lopes Pais de masterThesisopenAccess
2015White Matter Perfusion Quantification with Single-Voxel Arterial Spin LabelingAlves, Carolina César Martins de Oliveira masterThesisopenAccess
Jul-2014Who decides? Who provides? : um contributo para a comprensão da obra de John TurnerSantos, Tânia Patrícia Simões Arêde dos masterThesisopenAccess
15-Dec-2010Why do SMEs hold cash ? : evidence from PortugalPastor, Corina Camelia. masterThesisopenAccess
Sep-2007WIA-DM Ophthalmologic decision support system based on clinical workflow and data mining techniques = sistema de apoio à decisão para a especialidade de Oftalmologia baseado em técnicas de workflow e data mining aplicadas em dados obtidos em ambiente clínicoBarbeiro, Paulo masterThesisopenAccess
2-Jul-2007WIA-DM ophthalmologic decision support system based on clinical workflow and data mining techniques.Ferreira, Edgar da Silva. masterThesisopenAccess
Jul-2007WIA-DM: Decision support system in ophthalmology based on clinical workflow and data mining techniques = WIA-DM: Sistema de suporte à decisão em oftalmologia baseado em técnicas de workflow clínico e data miningSantos, Armanda masterThesisopenAccess
19-Jul-2019The Wild in Live Project: A Human/Algorithm learning network to help citizen science in wildlife conservation.Simon, Alban Emmanuel MazarsmasterThesisopenAccess
22-Feb-2019Wildfire Active Detection and Protection SystemAntunes, Miguel da Costa Silva masterThesisembargoedAccess