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Apr-2019Analysis of cost-environmental trade-offs in biodiesel production incorporating waste feedstocks: A multi-objective programming approachCaldeira, Carla; Freire, Fausto; Olivetti, Elsa A.; Kirchain, Randolph; Dias, Luis C. journal_articleembargoedAccess
20-Mar-2019Conditional risk-neutral density from option prices by local polynomial kernel smoothing with no-arbitrage constraintsMonteiro, Ana M.; Santos, Antonio A. F.journal_articleembargoedAccess
Apr-2019Enriching the results of screening social life cycle assessment using content analysis: a case study of sugarcane in BrazilDu, Chongyang; Ugaya, Cássia; Freire, Fausto; Dias, Luis C. ; Clift, Rolandjournal_articleembargoedAccess
Oct-2019Fleet management: A vehicle and driver assignment modelMonnerat, Filipe; Dias, Joana; Alves, Maria Joãojournal_articleembargoedAccess
Jan-2019Group decision making with incomplete information: a dominance and quasi-optimality volume-based approach using Monte-Carlo simulationSarabando, Paula; Dias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolfjournal_articleembargoedAccess
Dec-2018Hotel location when competitors may react: A game-theoretic gravitational modelGodinho, Pedro; Phillips, Paul; Moutinho, Luizjournal_articleembargoedAccess
Jan-2019Influence of Demographics on Consumer Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Review of Choice Modelling Studies and a Study in PortugalOliveira, Gabriela D.; Dias, Luis C. journal_articleopenAccess
May-2019Multiple local optima in Zeuthen–Hicks bargaining: an analysis of different preference modelsDias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolfjournal_articleembargoedAccess
2018Performance evaluation of Portuguese mutual fund portfolios using the value-based DEA methodGouveia, Maria do Castelo Batista ; Neves, Elisabete Duarte; Dias, Luís Cândido ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler journal_articleopenAccess
Mar-2019Planning strategies to address operational and price uncertainty in biodiesel productionCaldeira, Carla; Swei, Omar; Freire, Fausto; Dias, Luis C. ; Olivetti, Elsa A.; Kirchain, Randolphjournal_articleembargoedAccess
29-Apr-2019Portfolio selection under uncertainty: a new methodology for computing relative‐robust solutionsCaçador, Sandra; Dias, Joana Matos; Godinho, Pedro journal_articleembargoedAccess
May-2019Robust multi-criteria weighting in comparative LCA and S-LCA: A case study of sugarcane production in BrazilDu, Chongyang; Dias, Luis C. ; Freire, Faustojournal_articleembargoedAccess