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2008T-20 and T-1249 HIV fusion inhibitors' structure and conformation in solution: a molecular dynamics studyCanto, António M. T. Martins Do ; Carvalho, A. J. Palace ; Ramalho, J. P. Prates ; Loura, Luís M. S. articleopenAccess
Oct-1991A Taberna Mediática, Local Reticular de Negociações Sociais e SociológicasAndrade, Pedro de articleopenAccess
2004Tabu search algorithms for water network optimizationCunha, Maria da Conceição ; Ribeiro, Luísa articleopenAccess
2017Tackling Harm Reduction, Human Rights and Drug Uses on Recreational Environments: Tensions, Potentialities and Learnings from the Kosmicare Project (Portugal)Soares, Mónica ; Carvalho, Maria Carmo ; Valbom, Mónica ; Rodrigues, Tânia articleopenAccess
2013Tagus estuary salt marshes feedback to sea level rise over a 40-year period: Insights from the application of geochemical indicesDuarte, B. ; Caçador, I. ; Marques, J. C. ; Croudace, I. W. articleopenAccess
2014Taking part: Engaging knowledge on health in clinical encountersNunes, João Arriscado ; Ferreira, Patrícia ; Queirós, Filipa articleopenAccess
1997A tale of two islands: population history and mitochondrial DNA sequence variation of Bioko and São Tomé, Gulf of GuineaMateu, E. ; Comas, D. ; Calafell, F. ; Pérez-Lezaun, A. ; Abade, A. ; Bertranpetit, J. articleopenAccess
14-Apr-2006Tamoxifen and estradiol interact with the flavin mononucleotide site of complex I leading to mitochondrial failureMoreira, Paula I. ; Custódio, José ; Moreno, António ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Santos, Maria S. articleopenAccess
2003Tamoxifen induces ultrastructural alterations in membranes of Bacillus StearothermophilusLuxo, C. ; Jurado, A. S. ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. ; Silva, M. T. articleopenAccess
1998Tamoxifen Inhibits Induction of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition by Ca2+and Inorganic PhosphateCustódio, José B. A. ; Moreno, António J. M. ; Wallace, Kendall B. articleopenAccess
2005“Tanto de meu estado me acho incerto”: contradições do amor, de Catulo a OvídioAndré, Carlos Ascenso articleopenAccess
2002Taphonomy of ammonite condensed associations. Jurassic examples from carbonate platforms of IberiaFernandez-Lopez, S. ; Henriques, M.H. ; Duarte, L. V. articleopenAccess
2006Targeting of lanthanide(III) chelates of DOTA-type glycoconjugates to the hepatic asyaloglycoprotein receptor: cell internalization and animal imaging studiesPrata, M. I. M. ; Santos, A. C. ; Torres, S. ; André, J. P. ; Martins, J. A. ; Neves, M. ; García-Martín, M. L. ; Rodrigues, T. B. ; López-Larrubia, P. ; Cerdán, S. ; Geraldes, C. F. G. C. articleopenAccess
2005Targeting of sterically stabilised pH-sensitive liposomes to human T-leukaemia cellsFonseca, Cristina ; Moreira, João N. ; Ciudad, Carlos J. ; Pedroso de Lima, Maria C. ; Simões, Sérgio articleopenAccess
2001Targeting Stealth liposomes in a murine model of human small cell lung cancerMoreira, João N. ; Gaspar, Rogério ; Allen, Theresa M. articleopenAccess
22-May-2014Targeting triple-negative breast cancer cells with 6,7-bis(hydroxymethyl)-1H,3H-pyrrolo[1,2-c]thiazolesSantos, Kathleen ; Laranjo, Mafalda ; Abrantes, Ana Margarida ; Brito, Ana F. ; Gonçalves, Cristina ; Ribeiro, Ana Bela Sarmento ; Botelho, M. Filomena ; Soares, Maria I. L. ; Oliveira, Andreia S. R. ; Melo, Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e articleopenAccess
2005Tau phosphorylation in Alzheimer's disease: pathogen or protector?Lee, Hyoung-gon ; Perry, George ; Moreira, Paula I. ; Garrett, Matthew R. ; Liu, Quan ; Zhu, Xiongwei ; Takeda, Atsushi ; Nunomura, Akihiko ; Smith, Mark A. articleopenAccess
3-Dec-2013Tauroursodeoxycholic acid protects retinal neural cells from cell death induced by prolonged exposure to elevated glucoseGaspar, J. M. ; Martins, A. ; Cruz, R. ; Rodrigues, C. M. P. ; Ambrósio, A. F. ; Santiago, A. R. articleopenAccess
Nov-2010Tautomer Selective Photochemistry in 1-(Tetrazol-5-yl)ethanolIsmael, A. ; Cristiano, M. L. S. ; Fausto, R. ; Gómez-Zavaglia, A. articleopenAccess
2016Taxonomias dominicanas ítalo-ibéricas: entre exaltação de dignidade(s) e proposta de um arquétipo (séc. XVII-XVIII)Nestola, Paola articleopenAccess