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2021Chapter 14. Effects of exotic tree plantations on plant litter decomposition in streamsLarrañaga, Aitor; Martínez, Aingeru; Albariño, Ricardo; Casas, J. Jesús; Ferreira, Verónica ; Principe, RominabookPartopenAccess
2021Chapter 16. Pathways, mechanisms, and consequences of nutrient-stimulated plant litter decomposition in streamsManning, David W. P.; Ferreira, Verónica ; Gulis, Vladislav ; Rosemond, Amy D.bookPartopenAccess
2021Chapter 21. Plant litter decomposition as a tool for stream ecosystem assessmentFrainer, André; Bruder, Andreas; Colas, Fani; Ferreira, Verónica ; McKie, BrendanbookPartopenAccess
2021Chapter 9. Linking microbial decomposer diversity to plant litter decomposition and associated processes in streamsPascoal, Cláudia ; Fernandes, Isabel; Seena, Sahadevan ; Danger, Michael; Ferreira, Verónica ; Cássio, FernandabookPartopenAccess