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Apr-2019Being paid to care for or to care about? National report - PortugalBrito, LaurareportopenAccess
2019Comparative Report on Labour conflicts and access to justice: the impact of alternative dispute resolutionAraújo, Sara ; Safradin, Barbara; Brito, LaurareportopenAccess
Jul-2018Reference document on the histories of minoritisation in Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and the United KingdomAnderson, Bridget; Araújo, Sara ; Brito, Laura; Ertan, Mehmet; Hiah, Jing; Knijn, Trudie; Meier, Isabella; Morris, Julia; Vivona, Maddalena; Newcombe, Emma; Anderson, Liam LemkinreportopenAccess
Jul-2018Tensions between institutionalised political justice and experienced (mis)recognition: Portuguese case study on the experiences of Roma communitiesAraújo, Sara ; Brito, LaurareportopenAccess