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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
31-Oct-2018“Estudar, trabalhar, casar: quando?”: Extensão temporal das expectativas futuras de adultos emergentes portuguesesFonseca, Gabriela ; Crespo, Carla ; Relvas, Ana Paula otheropenAccess
Sep-2016Families in the context of macroeconomic crises: A systematic reviewFonseca, Gabriela ; Cunha, Diana ; Crespo, Carla ; Relvas, Ana Paula articleopenAccess
2018Family therapy with involuntary clients. The therapeutic alliance as a major key to therapy successRelvas, Ana Paula ; Sotero, Luciana bookPartembargoedAccess
2018First journey by a descriptive review of empirical research on African marital relationships - Scientific dissemination, thematic focus, and methodologyJanuário, Dulcineia ; Narciso, Isabel ; Vieira-Santos, Salomé ; Fonseca, Gabriela ; Relvas, Ana Paula articleembargoedAccess
6-Nov-2017Preocupações financeiras em tempos de instabilidade macroeconómica: Um estudo com famílias com filhos adultos emergentesFonseca, Gabriela ; Crespo, Carla ; Relvas, Ana Paula otheropenAccess
Apr-2014The State of the Art in Family Therapy Research: What Works? How it Works?Vilaça, Margarida ; Relvas, Ana Paula articleopenAccess
2-Dec-2017Validation study of the portuguese version of the Family Problem Solving Communication (FPSC) indexFonseca, Gabriela ; Crespo, Carla ; McCubbin, Laurie D. ; Relvas, Ana Paula articleembargoedAccess