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15-Nov-2013Nanocomposite Ag:TiN thin films for dry biopotential electrodesPedrosa, P. ; Machado, D. ; Lopes, C. ; Alves, E. ; Barradas, N. P. ; Martin, N. ; Macedo, F. ; Fonseca, C. ; Vaz, F. articleopenAccess
2014Science Education in a Museum: Enhancing Earth Sciences Literacy as a Way to Enhance Public Awareness of Geological HeritageReis, J. ; Póvoas, L. ; Barriga, F. J. A. S. ; Lopes, C. ; Santos, V. F. ; Ribeiro, B. ; Cascalho, J. ; Pinto, A. articleopenAccess
2016The need to present a perfect body image: Development of a new measure of perfectionistic self-presentationFerreira, C. ; Duarte, C. ; Pinto-Gouveia, J. ; Lopes, C. articleopenAccess
15-Nov-2013TiAgx thin films for lower limb prosthesis pressure sensors: effect of composition and structural changes on the electrical and thermal response of the filmsLopes, C. ; Gonçalves, C. ; Pedrosa, P. ; Macedo, F. ; Alves, E. ; Barradas, N. P. ; Martin, N. ; Fonseca, C. ; Vaz, F. articleopenAccess