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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2017The development of compassionate engagement and action scales for self and othersGilbert, Paul ; Catarino, Francisca ; Duarte, Cristiana ; Matos, Marcela ; Kolts, Russell ; Stubbs, James ; Ceresatto, Laura ; Duarte, Joana ; Pinto-Gouveia, José ; Basran, Jaskaran articleopenAccess
2018The impact of illness-related shame on psychological health and social relationships: Testing a mediational model in students with chronic illnessTrindade, Inês A. ; Duarte, Joana ; Ferreira, Cláudia ; Coutinho, Mariana ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
17-Nov-2017The Origins of Fears of Compassion: Shame and Lack of Safeness Memories, Fears of Compassion and PsychopathologyMatos, Marcela ; Duarte, Joana ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
2015The physiological and emotional effects of touch: Assessing a hand-massage intervention with high self-criticsMaratos, Frances ; Duarte, Joana ; Barnes, Christopher ; McEwan, Kirsten ; Sheffield, David ; Gilbert, Paul articleopenAccess
2017The role of psychological factors in oncology nurses’ burnout and compassion fatigue symptomsDuarte, Joana ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
2017Two forms of self-criticism mediate differently the shame-psychopathological symptoms linkCastilho, Paula ; Duarte, Joana ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess