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2004Micromorphology of trichomes and composition of essential oil of Teucrium capitatumAntunes, Teresa ; Sevinate-Pinto, Isabel ; Barroso, José G. ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Salgueiro, Lígia R. articleopenAccess
7-Oct-2013New compounds, chemical composition, antifungal activity and cytotoxicity of the essential oil from Myrtus nivellei Batt. & Trab., an endemic species of Central SaharaBouzabata, Amel ; Bazzali, Ophélie ; Cabral, Célia ; Gonçalves, Maria José ; Cruz, Maria Teresa ; Bighelli, Ange ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Casanova, Joseph ; Salgueiro, Ligia ; Tomi, Félix articleopenAccess
2008The potent vasodilator ethyl nitrite is formed upon reaction of nitrite and ethanol under gastric conditionsGago, Bruno ; Nyström, Thomas ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Rocha, Bárbara S. ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João ; Lundberg, Jon O. articleopenAccess
2009Screening of Five Essential Oils for Identification of Potential Inhibitors of IL-1-induced Nf-κB Activation and NO Production in Human Chondrocytes: Characterization of the Inhibitory Activity of α-PineneNeves, Ângela ; Rosa, Susana ; Gonçalves, Juliana ; Rufino, Ana ; Judas, Fernando ; Salgueiro, Lígia ; Lopes, Celeste ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Mendes, Alexandrina Ferreira articleopenAccess
2008Susceptibility of Helicobacter pylori to essential oil of Dittrichia viscosa subsp. revolutaMiguel, Graça ; Faleiro, Leonor ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Salgueiro, Lígia ; Casanova, Joseph articleopenAccess