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2003Comparison of the changes in adenine nucleotides of rat liver mitochondria induced by tamoxifen and 4-hydroxytamoxifenCardoso, Carla M. P. ; Moreno, António J. M. ; Almeida, Leonor M. ; Custódio, José B. A. articleopenAccess
Feb-2009Depletion of Kinesin 5B Affects Lysosomal Distribution and Stability and Induces Peri-Nuclear Accumulation of Autophagosomes in Cancer CellsCardoso, Carla M. P. ; Groth-Pedersen, Line ; Høyer-Hansen, Maria ; Kirkegaard, Thomas ; Corcelle, Elizabeth ; Andersen, Jens S. ; Jäättelä, Marja ; Nylandsted, Jesper articleopenAccess
2001Mechanisms of the Deleterious Effects of Tamoxifen on Mitochondrial Respiration Rate and Phosphorylation EfficiencyCardoso, Carla M. P. ; Custódio, José B. A. ; Almeida, Leonor M. ; Moreno, António J. M. articleopenAccess
2004Protection of tamoxifen against oxidation of mitochondrial thiols and NAD(P)H underlying the permeability transition induced by prooxidantsCardoso, Carla M. P. ; Almeida, Leonor M. ; Custódio, José B. A. articleopenAccess
Aug-2008Surfactants as microbicides and contraceptive agents: a systematic in vitro studyVieira, Otilia V. ; Hartmann, Diego O. ; Cardoso, Carla M. P. ; Oberdoerfer, Daniel ; Baptista, Marta ; Santos, Manuel A. S. ; Almeida, Luis ; Ramalho-Santos, João ; Vaz, Winchil L. C. articleopenAccess
2005The temperature dependence and involvement of mitochondria permeability transition and caspase activation in damage to organotypic hippocampal slices following in vitro ischemiaRytter, Anna ; Cardoso, Carla M. P. ; Johansson, Petra ; Cronberg, Tobias ; Hansson, Magnus J. ; Mattiasson, Gustav ; Elmér, Eskil ; Wieloch, Tadeusz articleopenAccess
2002Thiol protecting agents and antioxidants inhibit the mitochondrial permeability transition promoted by etoposide: implications in the prevention of etoposide-induced apoptosisCustódio, José B. A. ; Cardoso, Carla M. P. ; Almeida, Leonor M. articleopenAccess