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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2003Resolving inconsistencies among constraints on the parameters of an MCDA modelMousseau, Vincent ; Figueira, José ; Dias, Luís ; Gomes da Silva, Carlos ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
2007A review of interactive methods for multiobjective integer and mixed-integer programmingAlves, Maria João ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
Sep-2015Uma revisão de três pacotes de software dedicados a problemas multiatributoClímaco, João ; Dias, Luis ; Alçada Almeida, Luis articleopenAccess
2004A Scatter Search Method for the Bi-Criteria Multi-dimensional 0,1-Knapsack Problem using Surrogate RelaxationGomes da Silva, Carlos ; Clímaco, João ; Figueira, José articleopenAccess
2008Stability analysis of efficient solutions in multiobjective integer programming: A case study in load managementAlves, Maria João ; Clí­maco, João ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Jorge, Humberto ; Martins, António G. articleopenAccess
Dec-2014Stochastic hierarchical multiobjective routing model in MPLS networks with two service classes: an experimental study on imprecision and uncertainty issuesGirão-Silva, Rita ; Craveirinha, José ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
Feb-2001Uma reflexão crítica da decisão óptimaClímaco, João articleopenAccess
1999Using cutting planes in an interactive reference point approach for multiobjective integer linear programming problemsAlves, Maria João ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess