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2016Cortical bone loss in a sample of human skeletons from the Muge Shell middensUmbelino, Cláudia ; Curate, Francisco ; Perinha, Andreia ; Ferreira, Teresa ; Cunha, Eugénia ; Bicho, Nuno articleopenAccess
2017Ectopic eruption of a lower permanent molar from the mediaeval necropolis of Alcáçova do Castelo, Mértola, PortugalLeandro, Inês ; Rodrigues, Clara ; Gómez-Martínez, Susana ; Umbelino, Cláudia articleembargoedAccess
2017Resilience, replacement and acculturation in the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition: The case of Muge, central PortugalBicho, Nuno ; Cascalheira, João ; Gonçalves, Célia ; Umbelino, Cláudia ; Rivero, Daniel García ; André, Lino articleembargoedAccess