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2020Aluminum-to-Steel Cladding by Explosive WeldingCarvalho, Gustavo H. S. F. L. ; Galvão, Ivan ; Mendes, Ricardo ; Leal, Rui M. ; Loureiro, Altino articleopenAccess
2012Friction Stir Welding of very thin platesGalvão, Ivan ; Leitão, Carlos ; Loureiro, Altino ; Rodrigues, Dulce Maria articleopenAccess
2020Influence of Softening Mechanisms on Base Materials Plastic Behaviour and Defects Formation in Friction Stir Lap WeldingSabari, Sree S. ; Galvão, Ivan ; Leitão, Carlos ; Rodrigues, Dulce Maria articleopenAccess
2022Joining of Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastic Polymer Composites by Friction Stir Welding—A ReviewPereira, Miguel A. R. ; Galvão, Ivan ; Costa, José Domingos ; Amaro, Ana M. ; Leal, Rui M. articleopenAccess
11-Jun-2020Nugget Formation and Mechanical Behaviour of Friction Stir Welds of Three Dissimilar Aluminum AlloysManuel, Neves ; Galvão, Ivan ; Leal, Rui M. ; Costa, José D. ; Loureiro, Altino articleopenAccess
2019Overview on the Evolution of Laser Welding of Vascular and Nervous TissuesGomes, Diogo Francisco; Galvão, Ivan ; Loja, Maria Amélia RamosarticleopenAccess