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Aug-2013Carabelli’s trait: Definition and review of a commonly used dental non-metric variableMarado, Luís Miguel ; Campanacho, Vanessa articleopenAccess
Sep-2008Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) material culture: implications on taxonomyCampanacho, Vanessa conferenceObjectopenAccess
2012Comparison of the entheseal changes of the os coxae of Portuguese males (19th-20th centuries) with known occupationCampanacho, Vanessa ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
2013Comparison of the Entheseal Changes of theos coxaeof Portuguese Males (19th-20thcenturies) with Known OccupationCampanacho, V. ; Santos, A. L. articleopenAccess
2008Desvio lateral do I dígito do pé e torção femoral em esqueleto da Fábrica dos Pastéis de Belém (Lisboa)Campanacho, Vanessa ; Gonçalves, David conferenceObjectopenAccess
2016Looking back at a decade of science communication in the field of human evolutionAssis, Sandra ; Campanacho, Vanessa ; Carvalho, Vânia ; Cruz, Cristina Barroso ; Curate, Francisco ; Gonçalves, David ; Marques, Richard ; Matos, Vìtor Miguel Jacin articleopenAccess
2009Musculoskeletal markers in the toes: population data from early twentieth century Lisbon, PortugalCardoso, Hugo F. V. ; Campanacho, Vanessa ; Conceição, E. ; Gomes, José conferenceObjectopenAccess
2010The Roman cremation burials of Encosta de Sant’Ana (Lisbon)Gonçalves, David ; Duarte, Cidália ; Costa, Cláudia ; Muralha, João ; Campanacho, Vanessa ; Costa, Ana Maria ; Angelucci, Diego Ercole articleopenAccess