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Jun-2016An automated methodology for converting OSM data into a Land Use/Cover mapFonte, Cidália Costa ; Minghini, Marco ; Antoniou, Vyron ; See, Linda ; Patriarca, Joaquim ; Brovelli, Maria A ; Milcinski, Grega articleopenAccess
2017Assessing VGI Data QualityFonte, Cidalia Costa ; Antoniou, Vyron ; Bastin, Lucy ; Estima, Jacinto ; Arsanjani, Jamal Jokar ; Bayas, Juan-Carlos Laso ; See, Linda ; Vatseva, Rumiana bookPartopenAccess
Apr-2017Generating Up-to-Date and Detailed Land Use and Land Cover Maps Using OpenStreetMap and GlobeLand30Fonte, Cidália ; Minghini, Marco ; Patriarca, Joaquim ; Antoniou, Vyron ; See, Linda ; Skopeliti, Andriani articleopenAccess
13-May-2016Investigating the Feasibility of Geo-Tagged Photographs as Sources of Land Cover Input DataAntoniou, Vyron ; Fonte, Cidália ; See, Linda ; Estima, Jacinto ; Arsanjani, Jamal ; Lupia, Flavio ; Minghini, Marco ; Foody, Giles ; Fritz, Steffen articleopenAccess
30-Mar-2017Local climate zone classifications with satellite imagery and volunteered geographic informationLopes, Patrícia Alexandra Fernandes masterThesisembargoedAccess
2017Mapping and the Citizen SensorFoody, Giles ; See, Linda ; Fritz, Steffen ; Mooney, Peter ; Olteanu-Raimond, Ana-Maria ; Fonte, Cidália Costa ; Antoniou, Vyron bookopenAccess
2017Mapping and the Citizen SensorFoody, Giles ; Fritz, Steffen ; Fonte, Cidália Costa ; Bastin, Lucy ; Olteanu-Raimond, Ana-Maria ; Mooney, Peter ; See, Linda ; Antoniou, Vyron ; Liu, Hai-Ying ; Minghini, Marco ; Vatseva, Rumiana bookPartopenAccess
May-2017Preliminary Assessment of the Global Urban Footprint and the Global Human Settlement Layer for the city of MilanMinghini, Marco ; Molinari, Monia ; Brovelli, Maria A. ; See, Linda ; Fonte, Cidália Costa articleopenAccess
2017The Future of VGIAntoniou, Vyron ; See, Linda ; Foody, Giles ; Fonte, Cidália Costa ; Mooney, Peter ; Bastin, Lucy ; Fritz, Steffen ; Liu, Hai-Ying ; Olteanu-Raimond, Ana-Maria ; Vatseva, Rumiana bookPartopenAccess
2017The Relevance of Protocols for VGI CollectionMinghini, Marco ; Antoniou, Vyron ; Fonte, Cidalia Costa ; Estima, Jacinto ; Olteanu-Raimond, Ana-Maria ; See, Linda ; Laakso, Mari ; Skopeliti, Andriani ; Mooney, Peter ; Arsanjani, Jamal Jokar ; Lupia, Flavio bookPartopenAccess
2017The Role of Citizen Science in Earth ObservationFritz, Steffen ; Fonte, Cidália ; See, Linda articleopenAccess
Jun-2016Using OSM, Geo-Tagged FLICKR Photos and Authoritative Data: A Quality PerspectiveAntoniou, Vyron ; Skopeliti, Andriani ; Fonte, Cidália Costa ; See, Linda ; Alvanides, Seraphim articleopenAccess