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2013Cell phenotypic change due to Cryptosporidium parvum infection in immunocompetent miceCodices, Vera ; Martins, Catarina ; Novo, Carlos ; Pinho, Mário ; Sousa, Bruno ; Lopes, Ângela ; Borrego, Miguel ; Matos, Olga articleopenAccess
10-Jan-2014Multihoming Aware Optimization MechanismSousa, Bruno doctoralThesisopenAccess; embargoedAccess
2013Population dynamics and spatial structure of human-biting mosquitoes, inside and outside of houses, in the Chockwe irrigation scheme, southern MozambiqueCharlwood, J. Derek ; Macia, Gracieta A. ; Manhaca, Maria ; Sousa, Bruno ; Cuamba, Nelson ; Bragança, Mauro articleopenAccess
2007Sabotage-tolerance and trust management in desktop grid computingDomingues, Patrício ; Sousa, Bruno ; Silva, Luís Moura articleopenAccess