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2017Association of 5-HTTLPR genotypes with antisocial behavior in response to childhood environment: A study in young adults of Portuguese originManco, Licínio ; Soares, Ana ; Wasterlain, Sofia N. articleembargoedAccess
Sep-2009Dental caries in a Portuguese identified skeletal sample from the late 19th and early 20th centuriesWasterlain, Sofia N ; Hillson, Simon ; Cunha, Eugénia articleopenAccess
2016Dental wear in the medieval necropolis of São João de Almedina (12th-16th centuries) and its relationship with eating habitsCarvalho, Liliana Matias de ; Wasterlain, Sofia N. articleembargoedAccess
2015Growth problems in a skeletal sample of children abandoned at Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Faro, Portugal (16th–19th centuries)PAREDES, JOANA ; FERREIRA, MARIA TERESA ; WASTERLAIN, SOFIA N. articleembargoedAccess
2013A Infância Moderna Exposta nos Ossos. Caracterização biológica e paleopatológica duma amostra não adulta da roda da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de FaroParedes, Joana masterThesisopenAccess
2013Lagos leprosarium (Portugal): evidences of diseaseFerreira, Maria Teresa ; Neves, Maria João ; Wasterlain, Sofia N. articleembargoedAccess
2016Osteological analysis of a skeleton with intentional dental modifications, exhumed from Largo do Carmo (17th–18th centuries), LisbonAlves, Rute V. ; Garcia, Susana J. ; Marques, António ; Wasterlain, Sofia N. articleembargoedAccess
2017Ovarian teratoma: A case from 15th–18th century Lisbon, PortugalWasterlain, Sofia N. ; Alves, Rute V. ; Garcia, Susana J. ; Marques, António articleembargoedAccess
2011Periodontal disease in a Portuguese identified skeletal sample from the late nineteenth and early Twentieth CenturiesWasterlain, Sofia N. ; Cunha, Eugénia ; Hillson, Simon articleembargoedAccess
2012Study of stafne's defects in Late Neolithic, Late Roman, Medieval and Modern skeletal samples from PortugalWasterlain, Sofia N. ; Silva, Ana Maria articleembargoedAccess
2016Towards automatic non-metric traits analysis on 3D models of skullsAndrade, Bruno ; Dias, Paulo ; Coelho, Catarina ; Coelho, João ; Navega, David ; Wasterlain, Sofia N. ; Ferreira, Maria Teresa ; Santos, Beatriz S. conferenceObjectembargoedAccess