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20-Jul-2018Are fungal strains from salinized streams functionally more efficient than their conspecifics from reference streams?Carvalho, Adriana Reimão masterThesisembargoedAccess
2010Contamination by uranium mine drainages affects fungal growth and interactions between fungal species and strainsFerreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Pratas, João ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
2007Decomposition of Fire Exposed Eucalyptus Leaves in a Portuguese Lowland StreamGama, Mafalda ; Gonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
2015Does stream secondary salinization affect fungal and detritus palatability to shredders?Belihu, Tesfalem Getahun masterThesisopenAccess
6-Jul-2021Efeito combinado da salinização e da temperatura na decomposição foliar em ribeirosAugusto, Telmo André RosamasterThesisembargoedAccess
2010Effect of increased atmospheric CO2 on the performance of an aquatic detritivore through changes in water temperature and litter qualityFerreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Godbold, Douglas L.; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
2015Fungal alteration of the elemental composition of leaf litter affects shredder feeding activityCornut, Julien ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Chauvet, Eric; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
13-Jul-2020N-contamination may camouflage salinization effects on leaf litter decompositionRodrigues, Inês FigueiredomasterThesisembargoedAccess
2007The breakdown of Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus Labill.) bark in a Portuguese streamGonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Gama, Mafalda ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Graça, Manuel A.S. ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
2013The effect of temperature on leaf decomposition and diversity of associated aquatic hyphomycetes depends on the substrateGonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
13-Dec-2013The importance of fungal diversity on leaf decomposition in streamsGonçalves, Ana Lúcia doctoralThesisopenAccess
2009Uranium adsorption by Articulospora tetracladia: can aquatic hyphomycetes be natural bioremediators of uranium contaminated streams?Ferreira, V. ; Gonçalves, A. L. ; Pratas, J. ; Canhoto, C. conferenceObjectopenAccess