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2013Corrigendum: Cubic polynomials on Lie groups: reduction of the Hamiltonian systemAbrunheiro, Lígia ; Camarinha, Margarida ; Clemente-Gallardo, Jesús articleopenAccess
2009Cubic polynomials and optimal control on compact Lie groupsAbrunheiro, L. ; Camarinha, M. ; Clemente-Gallardo, J. preprintopenAccess
1996A geometria dos polinómios cúbicos em variedades riemannianas.Camarinha, Margarida Maria Silva Lopes doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2013Geometric Hamiltonian Formulation of a Variational Problem Depending on the Covariant AccelerationAbrunheiro, Lígia ; Camarinha, Margarida ; Clemente-Gallardo, Jesús articleopenAccess
2010Optimal control and quasi-velocitiesAbrunheiro, Lígia ; Camarinha, Margarida ; Cariñena, José F. ; Clemente-Gallardo, Jesús ; Martínez, Eduardo ; Santos, Patricia preprintopenAccess
13-Jun-2014Optimal control of affine connection control systems from the point of view of Lie algebroidsAbrunheiro, Lígia ; Camarinha, Margarida articleopenAccess
2011Polinómios cúbicos Riemannianos : abordagem Hamiltoniana e generalizaçõesAbrunheiro, Lígia Raquel Lopes dos Santos doctoralThesisopenAccess
2004Riemannian cubic polynomialsAbrunheiro, L. ; Camarinha, M. preprintopenAccess
1998A second order Riemannian variational problem from a Hamiltonian perspectiveCrouch, P. ; Leite, F. Silva ; Camarinha, M. preprintopenAccess