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25-Jul-2014Alterations in phospholipidomic profile in the brain of mouse model of depression induced by chronic unpredictable stressFaria, R. ; Santana, M. M. ; Aveleira, C. A. ; Simões, C. ; Maciel, E. ; Melo, T. ; Santinha, D. ; Oliveira, M. M. ; Peixoto, F. ; Domingues, P. ; Cavadas, C. ; Domingues, M. R. M. articleopenAccess
2008Evaluation of olive oil mill wastewater toxicity on the mitochondrial bioenergetics after treatment with Candida oleophilaPeixoto, F. ; Martins, F. ; Amaral, C. ; Gomes-Laranjo, J. ; Almeida, J. ; Palmeira, C. M. articleopenAccess
2007Soybean oil treatment impairs glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and changes fatty acid composition of normal and diabetic isletsNunes, E. ; Peixoto, F. ; Louro, T. ; Sena, C. ; Santos, M. ; Matafome, P. ; Moreira, P. ; Seiça, R. articleopenAccess