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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1999Análise Cultural: o crítico e o desejo de realidadeCanelo, Maria José reviewopenAccess
2008ApresentaçãoEstanque, Elísio ; Costa, Hermes Augusto ; Canelo, Maria José ; Ferreira, Sílvia ; Ferreira, António Casimiro ; Bebiano, Rui otheropenAccess
May-2016Art as social commentary: visual syntax and meaning in Barbara Kruger’s collagesCanelo, Maria José conferenceObjectopenAccess
2007Carey Mcwilliams and the magazine Common GroundCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
Dec-2003Carey McWilliams e a ideia da cidadania cultural nos anos 40 e 50Canelo, Maria José workingPaperopenAccess
2005Carey McWilliams, a Forerunner of Cultural Citizenship in the 1940sCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
Feb-2011Carey McWilliams, the Public Intellectual: Reflections on his work on citizenship and cultureCanelo, Maria José workingPaperopenAccess
Jun-2006Dimensões geopolíticas do modernismo. Contraculturas mexicanas na CalifórniaCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
2016EditorialCaldeira, Isabel ; Canelo, Maria José otheropenAccess
2010A feira mundial de Nova Iorque de 1939 : revisões da mitologia do povo durante a Grande DepressãoAlmeida, Sidcley Soares doctoralThesisopenAccess
May-2006Good Dances Make Good Neighbors: The U.S. Welcome Carmen MirandaCanelo, Maria José workingPaperopenAccess
Jun-2009Home Sour Home: Uncanny Experiences of the U.S. Home Front in the 1940sCanelo, Maria José workingPaperopenAccess
Dec-2012Inter-American studies and the reconfiguration of United States hegemonyCanelo, Maria José workingPaperopenAccess
2013IntroductionCanelo, Maria José ; Soares, Marta otheropenAccess
2018IntroduçãoCanelo, Maria José ; Santos, Filipe ; Serapioni, Mauro ; Solovova, Olga ; Peixoto, Paulo ; Rodríguez Maeso, Silvia ; Lima, Teresa Maneca ; Neves, Vítor otheropenAccess
Feb-1997Jayne Marek. Women Editing Modernism. «Little» Magazines and Literary History. Lexington, The University Press of Kentucky, 1995Canelo, Maria José reviewopenAccess
2017Lessons in transnationalism as a framework of knowledge in the critiques of José Martí, Randolph Bourne, Herbert Bolton and Waldo FrankCanelo, Maria José bookPartopenAccess
2018Literatura e culturaCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
Oct-1997Modernist Poetry and Cultural DifferenceCanelo, Maria José workingPaperopenAccess
2018Nations in Review(s): Modernist “Little” Magazines and the (Trans)National ImaginationCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess