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2006Inactivation of Caspase-1 in Rodent Brain: A Novel Anticonvulsive StrategyRavizza, Teresa ; Lucas, Sian-Marie ; Balosso, Silvia ; Bernardino, Liliana ; Ku, George ; Noé, Francesco ; Malva, João ; Randle, John C. R. ; Allan, Stuart ; Vezzani, Annamaria articleopenAccess
2008Inflammatory events in hippocampal slice cultures prime neuronal susceptibility to excitotoxic injury: a crucial role of P2X<sub>7</sub> receptor-mediated IL-1&#x03B2; releaseBernardino, Liliana ; Balosso, Silvia ; Ravizza, Teresa ; Marchi, Nicola ; Ku, George ; Randle, John C. ; Malva, João O. ; Vezzani, Annamaria articleopenAccess
20-Jul-2005Modulator effects of interleukin-1beta and tumor necrosis factor-alpha on AMPA-induced excitotoxicity in mouse organotypic hippocampal slice culturesBernardino, Liliana ; Xapelli, Sara ; Silva, Ana P. ; Jakobsen, Birthe ; Poulsen, Frantz R. ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Vezzani, Annamaria ; Malva, João O. ; Zimmer, Jens articleopenAccess