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Apr-2009Antioxidant and vascular effects of gliclazide in type 2 diabetic rats fed high-fat dietSena, C. M. ; Louro, T. ; Matafome, P. ; Nunes, E. ; Monteiro, P. ; Seiça, R. articleopenAccess
Mar-2008Effects of alpha-lipoic acid on endothelial function in aged diabetic and high-fat fed ratsSena, C. M. ; Nunes, E. ; Louro, T. ; Proença, T. ; Fernandes, R. ; Boarder, M. R. ; Seiça, R. M. articleopenAccess
Mar-2009A role for atorvastatin and insulin combination in protecting from liver injury in a model of type 2 diabetes with hyperlipidemiaMatafome, P. ; Nunes, E. ; Louro, T. ; Amaral, C. ; Crisóstomo, J. ; Rodrigues, L. ; Moedas, A. R. ; Monteiro, P. ; Cipriano, A. ; Seiça, R. articleopenAccess
Sep-2007Sources of endogenous glucose production in the Goto-Kakizaki diabetic ratSena, C. M. ; Barosa, C. ; Nunes, E. ; Seiça, R. ; Jones, J. G. articleopenAccess
2007Soybean oil treatment impairs glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and changes fatty acid composition of normal and diabetic isletsNunes, E. ; Peixoto, F. ; Louro, T. ; Sena, C. ; Santos, M. ; Matafome, P. ; Moreira, P. ; Seiça, R. articleopenAccess